Butter Croissant  Traditional French butter croissant. Tender, flakey, chewy and made with European style churned butter  $ 3  

Pain au Chocolat   $3 

Double Chocolate Croissant   Our traditional butter croissant made with valrhona chocolate dough along with a fudgy chocolate filling  $3.5o                                                

Almond Croissant $3.50                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Spanish Ham and Cheese Our butter croissant filled with Spanish Jamon and  Manchego, layered with flecks of rendered jamon  $3.50                                                                

Kouign Amann  $3        Seasonal Fruit Kouign Amann $3.50   Tender, Flakey, croissant-like dough with a caramalized, sugary crust.                                                                   

Cookie Croissant  Choose from Oreo or Maple cream  $3.50                                           

Seasonal Fruit Turnovers  Made with an all butter puff pastry and  filled with a seasonal fruit compote  $3                                                                                                                 

Muffins  Choose from: Blueberry crumb ~ Seasonal fruit clafoutis ~  Banana ~ Double Chocolate ~ Mixed berry bran  $3                                                                                               

Peanut Butter Banana Bread  Your new favourite! We roast our bananas with brown sugar and throw in some creamy peanut butter  $3

Seasonal Fruit Danish $3.50

Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake $2.50 per slice

Scones  Choose from blueberry, maple walnut, earl grey, chai, or cheddar scallion  $3

Greek Yogurt Parfait  Greek Yogurt, seasonal fruit and our housemade maple blueberry granola $5

Granola  A bag of granola to take home. Made with whole Canadian oats, dried Ontario blueberries and maple syrup $7


Chocolate Chip   The perfect cookie! Crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle. Filled with dark chocolate chunks.  $2

Flourless Chocolate    Made with Valrhona dark chocolate and walnuts. Super fudgy and completely gluten free   $2

Black Forest   Dark chocolate cookie with dried cherries and Kirsch    $2

Peanut Butter   Made with smooth peanut butter and oven roasted honey peanuts  $2

White Chocolate Cranberry  Like our chocolate chip cookie, crisp on the outside, chewy in the middle, filled with white chocolate chunks and tart dried cranberries  $2

Kitchen Sink  We couldn't think of name more apt than this. Filled to the brim with milk chocolate, coconut, oats, and toasted pecans  $2

Madeleines  Traditional spongy French cookie with a hint of lemon. Perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee     5  for $2.50   


Weekly selection varies. Please call ahead for availability or special orders  $2 each   $12 for 6   $24 for 12

Peach melba ~ Root beer float ~ Caramel popcorn ~ Peanut butter jelly ~ Chai latte ~ Salted caramel ~ White chocolate raspberry ~ Strawberry smoothie ~ Red velvet ~ Mojito ~ Cotton candy ~ Bananas foster ~ Oreo ~ Blackberry mint ~ Cherry coke ~ Pina Colada ~ Nutella ~ Fuzzy Peach ~ Coffee crisp ~ Coconut lime ~ Blueberry cheesecake ~ Maple walnut ~ Pink lemonade ~ Raspberry passionfruit ~ French Toast crunch ~ London Fog ~ Earl Grey 


Blueberry Bundt Cake  Sweet , tangy and low in fat. Made with vanilla greek yogurt and wild Ontario blueberries  $3.50

Lemon Cranberry Bundt Cake  Light and refreshing. Made with fresh cranberries and lemon  $3.50

Individual Cheesecake  Light as air with a graham cracker crust. Made with creamy mascarpone cheese. Not for sharing!  Available in plain, blueberry and caramel apple  $5

Financiers  Made with brown butter and hazelnuts, topped cream, pistachio dust and berries. 100% gluten free   $4

Chocolate Cake  Our signature layer cake made with dark valrhona chocolate and luscious chocolate ganache   $3.50 per slice

Hummingbird Cake  Deliciously moist filled with pecans, pineapple and coconut  $3.50 per slice

Chocolate Truffle Cake  Incredibly rich and dense made with Valrhona manjari chocolate  $3.5o per slice 

Cannele de Bordeaux   Individual French cakes with a creamy crepe-like interior.  $3

Maple Swirl Marble Pound Cake   $2.50 per slice


Brownies  Incredibly dense and fudgy. Perfect for the chocolate lover. Available in plain, salted caramel, and peanut butter  $3

Blondies  Like our brownies our blondies are incredibly dense and moist. Available in  White Chocolate, Birthday cake and Chai  $3

Fruit and Oat Bar  Made with seasonal Ontario fruit and preserves with brown sugar and oat base and topping  $3

Vegan Granola Bar   Packed with seeds, nuts, maple and peanut butter. Vegan and gluten free   $3.50

Mojito Bar  Just like the cocktail. Tart lime curd infused with mint and a splash of rum on a graham cracker base $4

Beer and Pretzel Bar  Shortbread base topped with a Mill Street Porter and pretzel caramel and dark chocolate ganache  $5


Passionfruit Tart  Sweet and tart passionfruit curd in vanilla sable base $4.50

White Chocolate Raspberry Tart  Creamy white chocolate ganache with a swirl of raspberry compote in a chocolate sable base  $4.50

Creme Brule Tart  Crunchy and creamy creme brulee filling inside a vanilla tart shell   $4.50

Banoffee Tart  Creamy dulce de leche caramel and bananas in a chocolate sable base $4.50

Seasonal Fruit Crumble  $4


Seasonal Pies Vary. Please call for availability or special orders    Individual $6.50     8 inch $15

Our winter pies include :  Apple ~ Caramel Apple ~ Apple Cranberry ~  Pecan ~ Maple Pecan ~ Chocolate Peanut Butter ~ Banoffee ~ Key LIme ~ Lemon Meringue ~ Samoa ~ Hawaiian ~  Malt ~ Apple Cider Caramel ~ Grasshopper


Weekly donut selection varies. Please call for availability or special orders

Chocolate cocoa nib ~ peanut butter raspberry ~ maple bacon ~ hibiscus ~ cafe au lait ~ dulce de leche ~ blood orange ~ Irish car bomb ~ S'more ~ Chocolate Hazelnut ~ Birthday cake ~ Key lime ~ lemon poppyseed ~ caramel corn ~ caramel apple ~ coconut lime ~ raspberry crunch ~ samoa ~ raspberry lemonade ~ pralines and cream ~ Chai ~ Milk chocolate malt ~ apple bourbon fritters ~ blackberry mojito ~ strawberry basil ~ coffee crunch ~ caramel macchiato ~ salted caramel ~ cookies and cream