Let us help you with your next business luncheon or bridal shower or birthday party. We can put together breakfast platters, sandwich platters, assorted catering items, drinks - you can hand-select the items you'd like or leave it up to us and we'll put together an assortment. Since we are not a full-service catering company please note that we do not offer staff, set-up, or clean-up for your event. Take a look at the menu, review your options, give us a call, and let's eat!

We Will Have It Ready

Delivery: we deliver within the Greater Toronto Area  seven days a week with advanced notice for a $30 fee, subject to availability. If we are unable to deliver we'd be happy to help you arrange a courier service that can come and pick up the order and deliver it to you. 

The more notice the better!

Within reason we can accommodate many orders with 24-48 hours notice. Please be aware that some specialty items do require 3 days advanced notice as well as a minimum order.

To place a order please either call our bakery  directly or email



breakfast pastries  $3  each
assorted scones, coffee cakes, brioche, muffins, pound cakes, quick breads

bagels with butter or jam  $2 each  cream cheese bagels $3 each

fruit platter seasonal fruit arranged on a platter
small (serves 8-12) 35

medium (serves 13-18) 55

large (serves 19-25) 85

whole quiche 33.00 (serves 6-8)
-ham, cheddar, roasted tomato
-bacon, caramelized onion, goat cheese
-portobello, spinach, parmesan
-spinach, feta, roasted red peppers

coffee or tea to go 24.00
serves 10 small coffees or teas with cups, milks, sugars, etc.


sandwich platters 8.50 per sandwich
choose from our menu or let us make an assortment

mixed green side salad* organic mesclun greens with balsamic vinaigrette
small (serves 6-10) 25

medium (seves 11-14) 35

large (serves 15-18) 48

mixed green side salad with vegetables* organic mesclun greens, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, and balsamic vinaigrette
small (serves 6-10) 32

medium (seves 11-14) 48

large (serves 15-18) 64

specialty side salads larger versions of our Lunch menu salads

small (serves 6-10) 45

medium (seves 11-14) 65

large (serves 15-18) 82

mini sandwiches** 3.75 each (minimum order of 2 dozen)

bite-sized versions of our popular sandwiches  Click here for our Sandwich menu

mini bunny chow 3.75 each (minimum 2 dozen)

Smaller versions of our popular Bunny Chow    Click here for our Bunny Chow Selection